AidThe AID can be granted to a student who is temporarily in a difficult financial situation due to random reasons. The application should be filled on

In addition to submitting an application, the student should document the financial situation of his/her family (as for maintenance grant) filling in the statement of income for 2019 (also on the USOSweb)

The application needs to be supported by documentation to prove the situation in question (e.g. birth certificate, death certificate, etc.).

The application for aid shall be submitted without delay, but not later than within 6 months from the date of the event entitling to the benefit. In particular, the aid can be granted due to:

  1. unfortunate accident,
  2. serious illness of parents, siblings in the same household, or their own children,
  3. birth of a child,
  4. death of a person from the closest family (parents, siblings in the common household, husband, wife, children),
  5. substantial losses as a result of a natural disaster,
  6. loss of income by a student or a member of their family caused by limitations in the functioning of employers related to an epidemic emergency situation.

Loss of income in the family is not a basis for obtaining the aid but for recalculating income in order to receive a maintenance grant.


  • The student can be granted the aid only in one of the fields studied
  • The aid is not due to the student:
    1. holding a professional title (obtained abroad as well):
      • MA, MEng, or equivalent,
      • BA, BEng, or equivalent, if he/she takes up first cycle or long-cycle studies again.
    2. during the extension period for taking the diploma exam,
    3. if the period of his/her study exceeds 6 years.
    4. who has received a disciplinary sanction.
  • The aid cannot be awarded more than two times in a given academic year (for the same reason only once).