The Office of Academic and Student Affairs is responsible for the coordination of matters related to the didactic process in all cycles of education, organisation of matters related to student benefits, operations related to international mobility of students and employees, as well as those related to the support of international students, admissions, education quality assurance, and the support for persons with disabilities.

The tasks of the Office of Academic and Student Affairs include the following:

  • providing information on academic and student affairs;
  • substantive supervising, coordinating, and conducting operations related to the provision of material aid for students;
  • keeping documentation concerning plans and framework curricula;
  • preparing collective statistical reports concerning studies;
  • verifying the allocation of duties of academic staff in terms of teaching hours;
  • organising and handling tasks related to optional student internships;
  • organising post-graduate studies, further education and training courses, lectures, training, seminars, conferences;
  • managing the admissions;
  • realising tasks related to the evaluation of the quality of teaching;
  • carrying out tasks related to the mobility of students and employees under international agreements and international educational and scholarship programmes;
  • maintaining the database of study programmes and scholarship offers;
  • conducting monitoring of professional careers and other analyses of the situation of students and graduates in the labour market, cooperating with enterprises in the area of personnel counselling and psychological assistance for students in preparing them for entering the labour market.