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Key information

  • Students complete a university-wide variable course in a discipline which is not the leading discipline of their field of study. Before registering for a university-wide variable course it is necessary to learn what is the leading discipline of one’ s field of study and not to choose courses that are assigned to that discipline.
  • The permissible form of classes in which the course is conducted are: lectures, classes or seminars.
  • The number of course hours is 15.
  • Each course is assigned with 2 ECTS points.
  • The course ends with a credit with a grade.
  • For students of part-time programmes, a 9-hour course length of university-wide courses shall be allocated (60% of the full-time programme hours).
  • Course classes for part-time students shall be conducted taking into account classes (weekend sessions) on particular programmes. Course registration is carried out by coordinators of study programmes, who may plan the implementation of these classes in joint groups for different programmes.

Students who fail to obtain a credit for the course are required to repeat the courses within the framework of the university-wide courses after completing the formalities resulting from the Rules of Studies. These formalities must be completed at the faculty’s dean’s office within a period of time that allows for enrolment in accordance with the enrolment schedule.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn which category of university-wide courses should I choose my course from?
Each student should check their plan of study prior to enrolling in the university-wide variable courses with regard to the type of course they are to take in a given semester, whether they are to take a course from a group of humanities, social studies, or whether they are to take a course in a foreign modern language. If there is no indication as to what course to choose, the student can choose any.  In the case of doubts, every student should contact the coordinator of study programmes in order to clarify these doubts.
Where does the registration take place and how to register?
Go to the site  usosweb.uni.opole  where the  REGISTRATION CALENDAR  is located. After clicking on it, the screen displays the organizational units where the registrations are held, choose the University of Opole. Then the courses of the selected registration should be displayed.
A detailed description of the registration can be found in the manual. A detailed description of the registration can be found in the manual: Rejestracja elektroniczna dla studentów
When does registration for the courses take place?
Registration for the winter semester:

  • First round of registration – first week of June of the previous academic year (through the USOSweb system)
  • Second round of registration – after completing the first round of registration, till the 2nd week of classes in the winter semester of a given academic year (individually, with coordinators of university-wide courses)

Registration for the summer semester:

  • First round of registration – first week of December of a given academic year (through the USOSweb system)
  • Second round of registration – after completing the first round of registration till the 2nd week of classes in the summer semester of a given academic year (individually, with coordinators of university-wide courses)
Where can I find the information about university-wide courses?
The list of courses included in the offer of courses for a given academic is  here  .

Courses are grouped into the following categories:

  • KZ-0000-H university-wide humanities courses
  • KZ-0000-O university-wide general courses
  • KZ-0000-JO university-wide courses conducted in a modern foreign language
  • KZ-0000-O university-wide social courses

After selecting a course category, from which a university-wide course will be selected in a given semester – a list of courses with detailed information on them will appear. This information pertains, among others, to the teacher or discipline to which the course is assigned.

I haven't registered for any university-wide course, what should I do now?
In the case of failure to register for the university-wide course in the first round of electronic registration, the student may turn to one of the coordinators of the university-wide courses in order to find a vacancy in the university-wide courses. The list of coordinators is provided below. Coordinators may only sign in/out students in/out of groups within the courses run by their units.
Such a person may also approach the teacher and ask if he or she can attend the course. The teacher, if he or she agrees, should add the student to his or her list and provide the data to the coordinator for the data to be uploaded to the USOS system. The same situation also applies to students who are studying two degree progammes and want to complete two university-wide courses in a given semester. Electronically, the USOSWeb will allow to register for one course.
When do university-wide courses take place?
The university-wide variable courses run on Mondays in the last two blocks of classes, i.e. at 04.30 pm and 06.00 pm (+/-15 min for some courses).
I have registered for the course, but I do not have this information in my USOSWeb account.
This may be the case if the student has registered for a course that does not have the minimum number of students enrolled.  The coordinator will then remove all participants from the course, as it will not take place in a given semester. This can happen after the first round of registration – then the student must choose a different course. It is suggested that students who have enrolled in a course where there are few people should monitor the status of the course on an ongoing basis.
I would like to change the university-wide course during the ongoing semester.
It is not possible to change or resign from the course for which enrolment was made, unless the Dean decides differently at the student’s written request. In the case of the Dean’s positive decision regarding a change or resignation from the course, the coordinator may only enroll the student for another course after removing him/her from the course group that he/she will not be attending through the USOS system. Enrolment can be made not later than two weeks after the commencement of classes in a given semester.
I have registered for the course, but I don't know where and when the first classes will take place.

Information concerning the dates and place of classes should be found in the USOSWeb system for a given course or on the website of the unit which conducts the course on a page with schedules.

Rules of university-wide courses
How to contact the coordinator for a particular unit?